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Edge of Apathy

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

It is a time of uneasy peace. Throughout the galaxy, the GALACTIC EMPIRE continues to consolidate power, restoring order and prosperity to a civilization torn apart by civil war. Imperial Star Destroyers have become a common fixture in most Core and Mid-Rim systems as the Imperial Navy establishes garrisons protecting key systems and vital trade routes. Yet there are those who worry that stability has become tyranny, and whispered rumors of a fledgling REBEL ALLIANCE determined to oppose the oppression of the GALACTIC EMPIRE.

On the Outer Rim, far from the center of galactic power, an unlikely band of smugglers and mercenaries work to clear their debt to SINASU THE HUTT, struggling to navigate the treacherous currents of a criminal underworld grown even more dangerous under pressure from the growing Imperial menace…

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