Dr. Metarie Endac, PhD

Metarie Endac is a Human female in her early 30s, of average height and build, with blond hair and hazel eyes. She is exceptionally bright and well-spoken, with an obvious Core-world accent.



  • Brawn 2
  • Agility 2
  • Intellect 4
  • Cunning 2
  • Willpower 2
  • Presence 2


  • Medicine (Int) 2
  • Knowledge: Education (Int) 2
  • Charm (Pr) 1
  • Computers (Int) 1
  • Resilience (Br) 1
  • Ranged – Light (Ag) 1
  • Knowledge: Core Worlds (Int) 1
  • Knowledge: Lore (Int) 1
  • Knowledge: Outer Rim (Int) 1
  • Knowledge: Xenology (Int) 1


  • Speaks Binary 1
  • Researcher 1
  • Surgeon 1

Vital Statistics

  • Soak Value: 3
  • Wound Threshold: 12
  • Strain Threshold: 12
  • Defense Ranged/Melee: 0/0

Dr. Metarie Endac, PhD, is as out of place on a Tatooine ranch as bantha would be on the streets of Imperial Center. She and her teenaged son, Kam, have come to the Outer Rim for some peace and quiet while she works on her book, an academic study on the lost civilization of the Kumumgah, the original indigenous species of Tatooine from which both the Tusken Raiders (more correctly known as the Ghorfa) and the Jawa are descended. The unanticipated intensity of labor involved in operating the bantha ranch which sustains them has delayed her research by a considerable degree, but she approaches both tasks with cheerful discipline and confidence.

Dr. Metarie Endac, PhD

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